Why Pray?

What is the purpose of prayer?

  • to communicate with God
  • tell God what we want
  • to thank God
  • so that God is not forgotten
  • build and strengthen our relationship with God
  • it puts things into perspective
  • worship and praise
  • so burdens can change shoulders
  • to help us understand His word
  • to open our eyes and show us what life is all about
  • to find comfort, guidence and strength
  • to share others burdens
  • to be connected to other people
  • to keep us on the right track

Why is prayer on the bottom of the list of things we enjoy doing?

  • because it may be repetitive
  • prayer forces unwanted emotions
  • answers may be hard to understand or not expected
  • because we may only pray when we need something
  • we might think that God already knows what we think and do
  • prayer takes time and effort
  • we might not mean what we pray
  • because we may have sinned

Common mistakes people make while praying include:

  • being selfish
  • only asking
  • praying while preoccupied
  • asking for things outside of God’s Will
  • don’t actually expect anything
  • not being totally honest
  • without respect and with the wrong attitude
  • praying only when in need
  • praying generally
  • having a time limit

What should my attitude be like when i pray?

  • honest
  • loving
  • thankful
  • submissive to His will
  • patient
  • humble
  • willing to be corrected
  • without preconceived answers
  • be specific
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