Should the Local Church have Guidelines?

What makes guidelines (rules) necessary?

  • to keep things organized
  • that we know how to behave
  • regulates interpersonal relationships
  • to know whats expected

Where do you encounter guidelines in daily life?

  • in traffic
  • at home, in the family
  • at work & school
  • in the government
  • in a quart session
  • in sports and games

Would you agree that there is a difference between guidelines and a direct command of God?

  • Guidelines can change, God’s commands never change.
  • Rules aren’t equal to the word of God, we still have to follow rules and authority.  ex. parents, teachers, the law
  • Guidelines are different because they depend on the situation.

Can you recall instances in the Bible where guidelines regulated behaviour?

  • Mark 6:38-40 – Feeding of the ten thousand.
  • How the Israelites set up their tents.  Tribe tents were set up in order.
  • In the Psalms we read that the massive choirs had orders.
  • Luke 1:8-9 – The priests had orders.

Where in the church would guidelines be necessary?

  • for weddings/marriages
  • ordinances- order for foot washing & baptism
  • in choirs – sing the notes that are written
  • in services – begin times, and sermon lengths

Pros and cons of church guidelines:


  • new people are informed of standards
  • prevents chaos
  • things are as predicted
  • we know what to expect


  • people are restricted
  • people might view the rules as commandments
  • following guidelines does not make one a Christian
  • Pastors don’t want to become “Policemen”
  • we watch and judge people

According to the Bible, what should a Christian’s attitude be toward rules?

  • We are to submit to authority
  • Rebelling authority is a sin

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