Our Economy

We are living in an uncertain time.  People don’t know what to do.  This doesn’t just have to do with the stock market, but about homes, jobs….it’s affecting everyone.  In this time, God through David is calling us. 

Psalm 23:1 Jesus is the Good Shepard, we have a refuge.  Satan may offer much to us, but he can’t offer freedom.  We can’t forget that we are free from the power of sin.  Jesus came that we may have joy.  In the end, the economy is staying behind.

Psalm 23:2 When was the last time you stopped to rest?  To think about how it’s going?  What is this life in view of eternity?  We need to take inventory and ask ourselves what this life means.  The Lord wants to bring us to peace.  No one can take it.  Are we waiting to get sick, to have time to pray and read the Bible?  We can be so busy spiritually, that we don’t have time to be quiet with God.  When was the last time you’ve had quiet time to fill up spiritually?

Psalm 23:3  When He leads, we are safe.  Our Sheperd goes on before us.  He has been reliable.  He care for us, He is faithful.  He promised to be with us until the world end.

Psalm 23:5 He is worrying for us.  We have a stronghold in the LORD.  We don’ need to doubt Him.  He is always enough.  The Father in Heaven cares for the sparrows, how much will He provide for us?  We need to learn to trust.  We need to turn our eyes upon Him.

Do we really know the Shepard?  Do we know Him personally?

Do you know the Psalm or the Shepard?

We have a leader who promised to be with us until we die.  We can put our trust in Him.

In the valley on my knees?

Would it matter to you whether you were on the mountain top, or in the valley on your knees?  I wonder sometimes whether God would rather be praised when things are good or if things are bad.  I think maybe when God has us in a valley, He shows us that we need to praise Him above everything.  I forget that sometimes when i’m on the mountain close to Him.  I encourage you today that you would praise God wherever you are.  If you’re in the valley on your knees, you can only grow closer to God.

Are you a fisherman?

When Jesus commanded His followers to be fishers of men, what did he mean?  Was He wanting that we go to fish-centers to learn how to fish?  Was He wanting that we get together with other fishers discussing how to fish?  Was He wanting that we pray that fish be caught?  Was He wanting more fish equipment would be created and distributed?  Was He wanting that we sponser fish conventions?  Was He wanting  that we encourage others to fish?  Was He wanting that we make fish calls?  Was He wanting that we discuss how to fish?

Or was He wanting that we catch fish that we might be called A Fisherman of God?

Strength in Weakness Perfect

Someone gave me a poem about the All-suffiecient Grace.  I didn’t even realise i needed this reminder, but i did.  Did you know that God always gives suffient grace, for each trial, for each conflict and for each temptation?   Our God is an awesome God who glorifies Himself through our weakness.  Nobody can be to weak, no one can be strong enough.  His grace will always be enough for every situation.

Now, how do i remember this?  I think of that verse in 2 Corinthians 12.  What Jesus said a long time ago, but still is ever so real today.  “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.”  I encourage you to.  Whoever you are that you may accept this grace and let your life through it glorify God!

A Happy Funeral

Today was the day we gathered to honor a woman who was a huge blessing while on earth.  A woman who deserved to see her Maker.  A woman who knew she was Heaven-bound by the grace of God.  A hundred years on earth is many years.  She waited soo long to see Jesus and now she is at His side.  Singing praise songs with the angels and children of God.  In Paradise where she belongs.

I pray dear God, that i can make it too.  I have faith you died for me.  That you forgave me and i can live a victorious life.  I have joy in you.  Joy that will never fade.  Joy that grows with each new day with You.

What can i memorise?

I really enjoy memorising scripture.  It is such a blessing to me.  I tend to remember longer passages than just a verse.  I enjoy memorising whole chapters. 

I just finished memorising John 1-The Word became Flesh. (The first 18 verses).

What chapters would be chapters that you would say truly deserve memorisation?

Back Home Again!

I want to praise God for an awesome Summer.  A time where i could grow closer to Him.  I feel like a totally new person.  I can hardly remember what it was like to serve Him back then.  I am so grateful to my Father in Heaven that i can publicly write Him praises.  For always being so good no matter what.

My regular schedule is now back and i want to praise God for His promises.  To always be there.  To always want the best for me.  To speak to me.  To help me love others.  To never leave me.  To never forsake me.  To be my light.  To be my God.

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Welcome To The Family – Psaltys kids praise

My cousins, my siblings and me sang this song at my Grandparents 50th Anniversary.  I finally found the song and am glad to share it with you.  It was such a huge blessing.

Welcome to the family
We’re glad that you have come
To share your life with us
As we grow in love and
May we always be to you
What God would have us be
A family always there
To be strong and to lean on.


May we learn to love each other
More with each new day, may words of love be on our lips
In everything we say
May the spirit melt our hearts
And teach us how to pray….
That we might be a true family.

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I have decided to follow Jesus!

I was watching a video today and was reminded of the commitment i made to God when i gave my life to Him.  I had decided and now there is no turning back.  Even when no one goes with me.

I tend to rely on others.  Look to see how they are doing.  Call a friend when i need support.  Why?  Why, when i decided to follow Jesus??  I think the only reason there is no turning back is because He will never fail me.  Each day that comes, no matter how hard it may be, is just one day closer to seeing my Saviour face to face.  It gives me hope and strengthens me for what i do not see.

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Grace and Mercy

Last night at bible study, we were looking at God’s grace.  As we were looking up different verses about grace, i noticed that there was a whole lot of verses of mercy as well.  So i started wondering, what exactly is the difference?  I knew that you couldn’t interchange them in a sentence.  For example:  You could say God had mercy on me and forgave my sins, but you couldn’t say God had grace on me and forgave my sins.

Because my friend wasn’t exactly sure how to explain this to me, we went to ask her brother.  Her brother explained that grace is God holding a jacket out to us and that mercy is us accepting God’s grace and allowing God to put that jacket on us.  WOW.  What a distinct difference.  I didn’t think i would ever forget that, but i wanted to record it, just in case….